Efficient induction melting furnace

KEXIN’s medium frequency induction melting furnace has higher thermal efficiency and lower energy consumption. They can produce a mild metal bath mixture, mixing a uniform alloy at a constant and uniform temperature. For these reasons, this type of furnace is the first choice for induction melting. Kexin products can flexibly meet all customer requirements.

There are many potential applications for induction melting furnaces, including the melting of scrap and large-format raw materials, the hot-dip of various alloys and it also can be used as a heatable casting furnace.

KEXIN’s advanced converter technology enables precise process control. A uniform temperature distribution can be achieved during the smelting process, and the service life is long.

Improved Product Quality With Induction Heating

With induction, the work piece which needs to be heated will never come into any direct contact with a flame or other heating element. That is because that the heat is directly induced within the work piece itself by alternating electrical current. As a result, it can minimize product warpage, distortion and reject rates. In order to get the most maximum product quality, you can also put the part into an enclosed chamber, which is filled up with a vacuum, inert or reducing atmosphere, by this way, the part is isolated and it can eliminate the effects of oxidation from outside.

From debris to melting: efficient and clean

The yield of induction melting furnace is about 98%, which is the first choice for melting ferrous and non-ferrous metal fragments. KEXIN provides induction melting furnace systems with capacities from 1 kg to 100 kg.

The electromagnetic force of the medium frequency induction furnace will naturally cause violent molten motion, thus to achieve perfect mixing of the melt and degassing of the supersaturated melt. The molten movement also promotes rapid alloying to meet various process requirements.

The frequency range can be adjusted individually according to furnace size and molten material.

Converters and inductors: understanding important content

Converters and inductors are the key elements of every induction machine. The customer’s process reliability and economy basically depend on the perfect interaction between these two elements. Therefore, KEXIN unifies all internal core capabilities.

KEXIN induction machine uses high-quality components and are tailored to individual customer needs. In order to increase efficiency, all the inductors of induction heating machines are designed and produced according to specific applications. Their advanced electrical insulation and mechanical isolation ensure a long service life.


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Manufacturer & Supplier for Varieties of Induction Heating Machine

We, Yueqing KEXIN Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd, are manufacturer and supplier for a variety of induction heating machine, induction melting furnace and other welding machine for more than 10 years. We have been specializing in providing induction heating equipments and serving heating treatment solution not only for the metal industry but also private home.

We aim to improve the efficiency and effectiveness for industrial heating process, such as welding, brazing, hardening, forging, annealing, melting and etc. Our main products are high frequency induction heating machine, medium frequency induction melting furnace, induction welding machine and mold repair machine, etc., which is mainly applied in metal processing, hardware & plastics, home appliances, refrigeration, communications, medical equipment, machinery and other industries that require heat solution equipments.

With functions of advanced technology, simple structure, reliable quality, superior performance, high efficiency and energy saving, we are professionally offering various products like induction melting furnace, induction welding machine, induction brazing machine and also induction heating machine to meet the needs of customers in their actual production.



Induction heating equipment has the highest heating efficiency and the fastest speed for metal materials, and low consumption and environmental protection. It has been widely used in thermal processing, heat treatment, thermal assembly, welding, smelting and other processes of metal materials in various industries.



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As a fairly new process, induction heating is widely and commonly used in many applications. Due to its unique performance of high efficiency, fast heating speed and low power consumption, it's also suitable for metal or plastic, various industries like steelwork, metallurgy, jewelry automotive, home appliances, etc.

  • Induction heat treatment: partial or integral quenching, annealing, tempering and heat forming of various metals.
  • Induction welding: brazing of various metal products, welding of various metal pipes like steel, copper, iron, etc.
  • Induction melting: (vacuum) smelting, casting and evaporation coating of gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, and other metals.
  • Other applications of high-frequency induction heating machine: semi-conductor single crystal heat matching, bottle mouth heat sealing, powder coating, metal implanted plastic, etc.


Kexin has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, testing means complete and high-quality products. Since the establishment of the company, Kexin constantly taps our potential through the leadership of the company and all staff efforts. In addition to the domestic market, there is an additional, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries.

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