15KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace


Rated Power Output:15KW

Frequency Range:30-100KHz

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KEXIN 15KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace

What is 15KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace Advantages?

15KW Gold Melting Induction Furnacec adopts power devices, which is more integrated and miniaturized, and the effective output power reaches more than 95%.

15KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace is convenient to replace the furnace body of different weight, different materials, and different starting methods to meet various melting requirements: vertical melting furnace, hand-operated melting furnace, electric melting furnace, school laboratory melting furnace.

15KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace adopts ultra-small intermediate frequency induction heating power supply, which saves 30% energy than traditional thyristor intermediate frequency.

15KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace has good heating permeability and uniform temperature.

The magnetic field has a magnetic stirring effect on the molten metal, which is beneficial to keep the composition uniform.

According to the recommended equipment and maximum melting capacity, the melting time per 15KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace is 20-30 minutes (under hot furnace state).


15KW Gold Melting Induction

Model KX-5188A15M
Rated Power 15KW
Frequency Range 30-100KHz
Input Current Single Phase 220V/2-32A
Volume (mm³) 450*420*480
Net Weight 38KG
Gross Weight 50KG
Application Capable for melting 1-3KG gold, silver, platinum, etc

15KW Gold
Melting Induction Furnace Detail


The type of induction melting furnace is available for precious metal material such as gold, platinum, silver; specialized stainless steel, iron, copper, aluminum and also some semi-conducting materials, etc. Generally, metallurgical industry and jewelry industry prefer to choose Induction furnace for melting metals, which is with advantages of low power consumption, environmentally safe and friendly, fast start-up and high effectiveness compare to the traditional furnace.

How Does 15KW  Induction Melting Furnace Melt The Metal?


Following is just a simple explanation and description of how the induction melting furnace for smelting metals.
smelting metals.

The working principle of 15KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace is usually accomplished with heating the metal in a crucible made from a non-conductive refractory material. The metal inside crucible will be melted down into liquid form.

This process of induction melting furnace is commonly and widely used in producing high-quality steels or non-ferrous alloys for casting operations. After that, the liquefied metal is poured into a cavity having the desired shape. The metal solidifies with a minimum of shrinkage, after which the mold is removed to reveal a finished, machinable product.

When the 15KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace is cold, the melting time per furnace is 40-50 minutes, and when the furnace is hot, the melting time per furnace is 20-30 minutes. Suitable for smelting large amounts of metal or production. Low melting point metals will melt faster.

Hfinduction Heater 15KW Induction Melting Furnace 


1. Induction melting furnace deploys with electromagnetic induction heating system, which is available for adjust the heating power and it also has electromagnetic automatically mixing function, without stirring by the stirring rod to ensure the uniform melting color.

2. Capable of melting various different metals, such as gold, platinum, silver, iron, copper, stainless steel and etc., induction melting furnace is metallurgical industry.

3. Induction Melting furnace has a rapid melting speed. For example, melting 2KG gold within 1-5 minutes and melting 1KG platinum within 1-2 minutes.

4. This kind of melting induction furnace is easy to use and operate. It can be available for graphite crucible or ceramic crucible. Crucible or tank with different size or specifications can be customized accordingly.

5. An optional choose to configure the temperature controller, which will display and control the metal temperature so that to make the smelting product with higher quality. By using the thermocouple temperature sensor or infrared temperature sensor to measure the temperature, it is mainly used to detect the bottom temperature of the graphite crucible; the temperature range is 400-1200 degrees Celsius.

The temperature controller is used to display and control the metal temperature and it can automatically stop heating or keep warming when reaches the target record.

6. The melting induction furnace is easy to use and operate. It can be available for graphite crucible or ceramic crucible. Crucible or tank with different size or specifications can be customized accordingly.

Induction Melting Furnace Application Range


This type of 15KW gold melting induction furnace is able to melt non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

By heating up the graphite crucible, 15KW gold melting induction furnace can also be used for melting semiconductor material.

In general, together with working with smelting crucibles, like graphite crucible, quartz crucible or ceramic crucible, induction melting furnace is the most selected machine for melting precious metal, such as melting platinum, gold, silver, etc.

For metallurgical industry, it’s a good choice to deploy 15KW gold melting induction furnace to smelt some high quality and expensive material like specialized steel, iron, and copper or metal alloy such as aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and copper alloy, etc.

What causes induction melting furnace coil to overheat?


Restrictions anywhere in the furnace’s water flow path for the furnace coil can and will cause over-temperature conditions. Restrictions can be caused by debris or calcium buildup in water lines, heat exchanger and water-cooled power cables, internal damage to water-cooled power cables such as “bird nesting”, kinking or flattening of the hose. Water-cooled power cables do fail over time and replacement is required. Life span varies depending on the amount of use, water quality, layout, and configuration. Keep in mind that a restriction is a restriction! It does not matter if it is the feed line, drain line, or coil, all will result in Furnace Drain over-temperature alarm or faults.

The use of an induction melting furnace that was not designed for the application or designed for kW output of the induction power supply, modifying water paths can also cause overtemperature issues.

Furnace lining dimensions and proper installation using quality material is also very important, making changes from original design parameters is not recommended and strongly discouraged. Not having a proper amount of refractory “back-up” material will cause overheating and damage to the furnace coil.


What causes power supply internal water drain temperature alarms or faults?


Typically, an internal water high-temperature alarm or fault is caused by flow restriction, either in an individual circuit or a heat exchanger. Power supply cabinets can have multiple circuits and it must be determined which of these circuits are overheating, then determine if it is a flow restriction or other cause for the alarm. A broken switch, signal phase condition is just a couple of possibilities. Flow restrictions are caused by debris in the system, electrolysis, and overall poor water quality.

Induction power supplies typically have an “internal closed-loop” water system or an “external closed-loop” water system, some will have a combination of both. Water purity and quality are critical in both systems for the longevity of the induction melting equipment, minimizing maintenance and costly repairs.

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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