15KW Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace


Rated Power Output:15KW

Frequency Range:1-20KHz

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KEXIN 15KW Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace

What is 15KW Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace Advantages?

KEXIN’s 15KW medium frequency induction melting furnace has fast heating speed, high production efficiency, less oxidation and decarburization, and induction furnace saves material and forging die costs.

Since the principle of intermediate frequency induction heating is electromagnetic induction, the heat is generated in the workpiece itself. Ordinary workers can perform continuous forging tasks ten minutes after going to work with the intermediate frequency electric furnace, without the need for professional furnace workers to burn and seal the furnace in advance.

There is no need to worry about the waste of heated billets in the coal furnace caused by power outages or equipment failures. Due to the fast heating speed of this induction melting method, there is less oxidation. Compared with the coal burning furnace, each ton of forgings can save at least 20-50 kilograms of steel raw materials, and the material utilization rate can reach 95%. Because this induction melting method heats evenly and the temperature difference between the core and the surface is small, the life of the forging die is greatly increased in forging, and the surface roughness of the forging is also less than 50um.

15KW medium frequency induction melting furnace can make the working environment superior; improve the labor environment of workers and the company image, pollution-free, low energy consumption.

Compared with coal furnaces, induction heating furnaces will not allow workers to be baked and smoked by coal furnaces in the scorching sun, and can meet various indicators of the environmental protection department. At the same time, induction casting furnace can establish the company’s external image and the future development of the forging industry. 15KW medium frequency induction metal melting is an energy-saving heating method in an electric heating furnace. The power consumption of forgings per ton from room temperature to 1100°C is less than 360 degrees.

15KW medium frequency induction metal melting furnace has uniform internal heating, small temperature difference between core and surface, and high temperature control accuracy.

The heat of 15KW medium frequency induction is generated in the workpiece itself, so the heating is uniform, and the temperature difference between the core and the surface is small. Application of temperature control system can realize temperature control and improve product quality and qualification rate.

KEXIN’s 15KW medium frequency induction melting equipment has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency, excellent thermal processing quality and favorable environment. Induction crucible furnace is rapidly eliminating coal-fired furnaces, gas furnaces, oil-fired furnaces and ordinary electric resistance furnaces. It is a new generation of induction metal heating equipment.

15 25kw induction furnace

Description of Medium Frequency Induction Furnace

The development of the medium frequency induction furnace and its superiority has injected new vitality into the casting production. Also, the medium frequency induction metal melting furnace has the advantages of small size, light weight, high efficiency and favorable environment. As a result, the advantages of induction casting furnace make it a rapid replacement for coal-fired furnaces, gas furnaces, oil-fired furnaces and ordinary resistance furnaces.

It is a new generation of induction metal heating equipment. The medium frequency induction melting furnace has high electrical efficiency and thermal efficiency, short melting time, less power consumption, less land occupation, lower investment, flexible production and easy implementation of process automation. Comparing to other cast iron melting furnaces, melting induction furnace has attracting remarkable development in recent years and is widely used in cast iron production.


15KW Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace
Model KXZ-15
Rated Power Output 15KW
Frequency Range 1-20KHz
Input Power Three Phase 380V±20% 50/60Hz
Output Current 3-22A
Output Voltage 70-550V
Load Continuing Rate 100% Continuing work in 24h
Cooling Water Temperature ≤40℃
Water Connection 1 inlet and 1 outlet
Packing Method Wooden Box
Application Available for various heating treatment, melting, forging, welding, brazing, hardening, etc.

15KW Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace Detail

1.Medium frequency melting induction furnace has excellent protections, with over-voltage, over-current, overheatingand lack of water function.

2.Induction Crucible Furnace is light weight with fast heating and high efficiency.

3.Induction gold melting furnace has special power saving, saving about 60% with the load power compare to traditional the tubemachine.

4.Induction melting furnace is easy and install, suitable for all kinds of occasions where metal heating is required.

The Working Principle of Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace


The 15KW medium frequency induction melting furnace generates an intermediate frequency power supply through the rectifier and inverter of the thyristor, and sends it to the furnace body coil. The intermediate frequency electromagnetic field is generated in the furnace body (coil), so that the metal in the furnace body produces eddy currents, and the eddy currents generate a large amount of metal. The heat energy melts the metal.


The 15KW medium frequency induction melting furnace is mainly composed of a power supply, an induction coil, and a crucible made of refractory materials in the induction coil. The crucible contains a metal furnace charge, which is equivalent to the secondary winding of the transformer. When the induction coil is connected to the AC power supply, an alternating magnetic field is generated in the induction coil. Since the charge itself forms a closed loop, the point of this secondary winding has only turns and is closed. Therefore, induction current is generated in the charge at the same time, and when the induced current passes through the charge, the charge is heated to promote its melting.


The 15KW medium frequency induction melting furnace is also a kind of induction furnace. The working process is as follows: first, through an inverter power supply, the three-phase alternating current is rectified (using a thyristor) into a single-phase direct current, and then the inverter bridge is inverted into a medium frequency of 500-1000Hz The pulsed alternating current then forms a magnetic field through the copper ring in the furnace. The magnetic field causes the steel in the ring to generate eddy currents, which flow through the heated steel to generate heat, thereby achieving the purpose of smelting the steel. The general frequency of intermediate frequency electric furnace is 800-20000Hz.

How exactly does induction hardening furance work?

In a basic induction heating setup, a solid state radio frequency power supply sends an AC current through an inductor (often a copper coil), and the part needs to be heated (the work piece) will be placed inside the inductor. The inductor serves as the transformer primary, and then the part needs to be heated therefore becomes a short circuit secondary. When a metal part is placed within the inductor and enters into the magnetic field, inside the part, the circulating eddy currents will be induced. These eddy currents generate precise and localized heat without any direct contact between the part and the inductor.


In the process of induction heating the material, there is therefore no contact between the inductor and the part, and neither are there any combustion gases. The material needs to be heated can be located in a setting isolated from the power supply, that is to say, it can be submerged in a liquid, covered by isolated substances, in gaseous atmospheres or even in a vacuum.

What is 15KW medium frequency induction furnace?

An induction melting furnace is an electric furnace in which heat is applied by heating metal by induction. The capacity of induction casting furnaces ranges from less than one kilogram to one hundred tons and is used to melt steel, copper, aluminum and precious metals.

Compared with most other metal melting methods, the advantages of induction furnaces are a clean, energy-efficient and controllable melting process.

Most modern foundries use this type of induction melting furnace. Now, more and more iron foundries use induction melting furnaces instead of cupolas to melt cast iron, because the former emits a lot of dust and other pollutants.

Since no arc or combustion is used, the temperature of the material is not higher than the temperature required for melting. This prevents the loss of valuable alloying elements.

One of the main disadvantages of using induction melting furnaces in foundries is the lack of refining capabilities. Oxidation products and known components in the charge must be removed, and some alloying elements may be lost due to oxidation (must be re-added to the melt).


What is the maximum temperature that the induction furnace can reach?

The 15KW medium frequency induction furnace does not limit its melting and/or heating temperature. However, refractory materials and materials containing heated or molten materials have limitations. For platinum melts, the highest temperature usually reached in the open air is about 1800°F. In a controlled atmosphere, heating graphite can reach temperatures exceeding 2760°C.


Does the induction furnace provide a complete vacuum heating and melting system?

The 15KW medium frequency induction furnace provides vacuum induction equipment, including induction power supplies, furnaces, coils, parallel components and power transmission components. However, the complete vacuum system including components such as vacuum chamber and vacuum pump will be provided by the vacuum system supplier or system integrator.

Heat treatment (surface quenching)

The 15KW medium frequency induction melting furnace is a complete set of vacuum smelting equipment that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction heating to melt metal under vacuum conditions. The intermediate frequency induction melting furnace is suitable for the vacuum or protection of nickel-based and special steels, precision alloys, high-temperature alloys, rare earth metals, active metals, copper and copper alloys, hydrogen storage materials, neodymium iron boron, and magnetic materials in scientific research and production departments. Melting and casting are carried out in an atmosphere.


This product uses 500-4000Hz medium frequency induction melting furnace power supply for induction heating, and the power range is 100-6000kW. It is mainly used for smelting steel, alloy steel, special steel, stainless steel, and can also be used for smelting and heating of non-ferrous metals such as copper, aluminum, lead, and zinc. , Insulation.

Welding (Brazing, Silver Welding, Brazing)

It mainly melts the solder by heating to a certain temperature, thereby connecting two metals of the same material or different materials.

1.Welding of various hardware tools: welding of diamond tools, grinding tools, drilling tools, alloy saw blades, carbide turning tools, milling cutters, reamers, planers, woodworking drills, etc.;

2.Welding of hardware machinery parts: hardware sanitary products, refrigeration copper fittings, lighting accessories, precision mold fittings, metal handles, egg beaters, alloy steel and steel, steel and copper, copper and copper equivalent metal or dissimilar metal silver welding, Brazing;

3.Composite bottom welding is mainly used for three-layer brazing of round, square and other shaped flat stainless steel pot bottoms and aluminum sheets. Also,itcan be used for other metal plane brazing.

4.Electric kettle (electric coffee pot) heating plate welding is mainly used for brazing between stainless steel flat bottom, aluminum sheet and various shapes of electric heating tube.

Medium Frequency Induction Melting Furnace Heating (Hot Forging, Hot Matching)

Hot forging

It is mainly after the workpiece is heated to a certain temperature (different heating temperature according to the material), forging the workpiece into a punch, forged bed or other forms other shapes.

For example: case, watch embryo, handle, mold attachment, kitchen tableware, crafts, standard parts, fasteners, machining of mechanical parts, copper locks, rivets, steel brazing, hot extrusion of brazing tools, etc.

Thermal cooperation

It mainly refers to the heating of the metal between different kinds of metals or between metal and non-metal, and the two are connected by the principle of thermal expansion or thermal melting.

For example: the copper core of the computer radiator and the aluminum sheet, the buried value welding of the speaker net, the composite of the steel-plastic tube, the sealing of the aluminum foil (toothpaste skin), the rotor of the motor, the sealing of the electric heating tube and the like.

Annealing (tempering, quenching and tempering)

1.Annealing in various stainless steel industries. Such as stainless steel pots, cans of annealing, annealing and annealing of the water tank, stainless steel tubes, stainless steel cutlery, stainless steel cups, etc.

2.Annealing of various other metal workpieces. Such as golf clubs, clubs, copper locks, hardware copper fittings, kitchen knives, blades, aluminum pans, aluminum drums, aluminum radiators and various aluminum products. 5. Metal melting: gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, etc. and metal (vacuum) smelting, powder metallurgy sintering and metal melting.

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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