25KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace


Rated Power Output:25KW

Frequency Range:30-100KHz

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KEXIN 25KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace

What is 25KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace Advantages?

25KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace is designed to melt 1g – 12kg of gold. It is also suitable for melting other precious metals such as silver, copper and palladium.

25KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace is based on the latest and most advanced IGBT induction technology, which can achieve the fastest melting speed in 4 minutes. The crucible can be drawn out with matching pliers.

Compared with gas melting equipment and resistance melting types, 25KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace is a better choice for laboratories, jewelry shops, research institutes and mining companies.

25KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, low pollution, light weight, economical space occupancy, easy to install. The perfect monitoring and diagnosis system ensures the high stability, reliability and safety of the machine. Strict supplier management system and CE quality management system ensure the high quality of each equipment.

25KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace
Model KX-5188A25M
Rated Power 25KW
Frequency Range 30-100KHz
Input Current Three Phase 380V/2-25A
Volume (mm³) 480*480*860
Net Weight 55KG
Gross Weight 67KG
Application Capable for melting 3-5KG gold, silver, platinum, etc

If you are looking for a fast melting machine for small batches of gold, silver and copper melting, then our gold melting furnace is the ideal solution.

How Does 25KW  Induction Melting Furnace Melt The Metal?


Following is just a simple explanation and description of how the induction melting furnace for smelting metals.
smelting metals.

The working principle of induction melting furnace is usually accomplished with heating the metal in a crucible made from a non-conductive refractory material. The metal inside crucible will be melted down into liquid form.

This process of induction melting furnace is commonly and widely used in producing high-quality steels or non-ferrous alloys for casting operations. After that, the liquefied metal is poured into a cavity having the desired shape. The metal solidifies with a minimum of shrinkage, after which the mold is removed to reveal a finished, machinable product.

1. This 25KW gold melting induction furnace is capable for melting gold, platinum, silver, rion, copper, stainless steel and etc. With rapid melting speed.


2. Specialises in jewelry industry and research institution. By using the electromagnetic induction heating system, it is available for adjust the heating power.


3. It has electromagnetic automatically mixing function, without stirring by the stirring rod to ensure the uniform melting color.


4. Melting 2KG gold within 1-5 minutes, melting 1KG platinum within 1-2 minutes.


5. A optional choose to configure the temperature controller, which will display and control the metal temperature, so that to make the smelting product with higher quality. By using thermocouple temperature sensor or infrared temperature sensor to measure the temperature, it is mainly used to detect the bottom temperature of the graphite crucible, the temperature range is 400-1200 degrees Celsius.


The temperature controller is used to display and control the metal temperature and it canautomatically stop heating or keep warming when reaches the target record.


6. Easy to use and operate, it can be available for graphite crucible or ceramic crucible. Crucible or tank with different size or specifications can be customized accordingly.


7. Excellent protection, with over-voltage, over current, over heating lack of water functions.


8. Simple and convenient operation.


25KW gold melting induction furnace is one of the indispensable equipment in foundries. Whether you are a goldsmith, jeweler or ordinary people, choosing the right machine will greatly increase your productivity. As the main manufacturer of gold smelting machine, choosing us will be your right decision.

Non-ferrous and ferrous metals melting.

Precious metal melting, like gold, sliver and platinum, etc.

Semiconductor material melting.

Specialized steel, iron and copper melting.

Metal alloy melting, like aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and copper alloy,etc.

Why does my induction power supply shut down under high water temperature?

High water temperature alarms or malfunctions are mainly caused by low water flow, because the waterway is restricted or insufficient water pressure is delivered to the equipment.


How high can the discharge temperature of the induction melting furnace reach?

Most induction devices have a fixed furnace drain temperature switch set at 175°F (79°C).


What caused the external water high temperature alarm or malfunction?

When the process water supply exceeds the temperature switch set point (usually 115°F (46°C) set point), an external high water temperature alarm or fault will occur. Use open evaporative cooling towers, dry radiator coolers or air conditioning cooler units to cool the process water in several different ways. When the efficiency of these coolers decreases, the process water temperature also increases. There are many reasons for the reduction in efficiency, and calcium deposits in tube bundles and heat exchangers are the most common.

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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