45KW Medium Frequency Induction Brazing Equipment


Rated Power Output:45KW

Frequency Range:1-20KHz

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KEXIN 45KW Medium Frequency Induction Brazing Equipment

What is 45KW Medium Frequency Induction Brazing Equipment Advantages?

 KEXIN 45KW medium frequency induction brazing equipment is to place the metal workpiece to be welded (usually copper is mostly) in the induction coil, and pass the medium frequency alternating current to generate the induced electromagnetic field, which is coupled to the workpiece surface to generate the induced electromotive force, and the induced eddy current is formed on the metal surface. The eddy current generated on the surface generates heat.

45KW medium frequency induction brazing equipment is generally coated with solder powder on the welding part, and the workpiece can be welded when brazing equipment reaches the melting temperature of the solder. Brazing equipment is currently the cleanest and environmentally friendly heating welding method in the world.

A welding method using 45KW medium frequency induction brazing equipment current as the heat source. Intermediate frequency heating is suitable for welding thin-walled pipe fittings. The use of coaxial cables and split-combination induction coils can be brazed on site far away from the power source, and is especially suitable for welding of certain large components, such as pipe joints that need to be disassembled on rockets.

45KW medium frequency induction brazing equipment is also often used in pin soldering in the electronics industry. Brazing equipment is used to heat the solder joints in the area at the same time, and the tin wire is sent to the solder joints through the tin feed mechanism to complete the soldering.


Products are widely used in medium frequency induction hardening, tempering, forging, smelting, welding, heat fitting, etc. in machinery manufacturing, automobiles, ships, melting and casting, iron and steel metallurgy and other industries.

45KW Medium Frequency Induction Brazing Equipment
Model KXZ-45
Rated Power Output 45KW
Frequency Range 1-20KHz
Input Power Three Phase 380V±20% 50/60Hz
Output Current 15-95A
Output Voltage 70-550V
Load Continuing Rate 100% Continuing work in 24h
Cooling Water Temperature ≤40℃
Water Connection 1 inlet and 1 outlet
Packing Method Wooden Box
Application Available for various heating treatment, melting, forging, welding, brazing, hardening, etc.

KEXIN focuses on the R&D, design, manufacturing and technical services of high-frequency induction and intermediate-frequency induction brazing equipment, relying on technology to provide customers with overall solutions for high-frequency induction heating.

45KW Medium Frequency Induction Brazing Equipment

During induction brazing, the brazed part of the part is placed in an alternating magnetic field, and the heating of this part of the base material is realized by the resistance heat of the induced current generated in the alternating magnetic field. The higher the frequency, the smaller the depth of current penetration. Although the surface layer is heated quickly, the thickness of the heating is thinner. The interior of the part can only be heated by the heat conduction from the surface layer to the interior.

This is the so-called skin effect. Induction coil is an important part of induction brazing equipment. The basic principle of correct design and selection of induction coils is to ensure rapid, uniform heating and high efficiency in the welding year. Generally, the induction coil is made of pure copper tube, and the tube is cooled by water during operation. The thickness of the tube wall should be less than the current penetration depth, generally 1~1.5mm. It can be seen that it is not advantageous to select an AC frequency that is too high. Generally, a frequency around 500kHz is more appropriate. In addition, the skin effect is also related to the resistivity and permeability of the material. The larger the resistivity, the smaller the permeability and the weaker the skin effect. On the contrary, the skin effect is more pronounced.

What are the brazing processes of high frequency induction brzaing machine?


According to different classifications, the welding process of high frequency induction brazing machine is divided into the following types:

According to the type of equipment, it can be divided into: fixed high frequency brazing process and portable high frequency brazing process;

According to the different welding temperature, it can be divided into: high frequency brazing and high frequency soft soldering;

According to different operation modes, it can be divided into: automatic high frequency welding, semi-automatic high frequency induction brazing machine and fully automatic high frequency welding.


What are the characteristics of high frequency induction brazing?


(1) High frequency induction brazing machine has the characteristics of fast heating speed, concentrated heat, and easy to realize automation. Its skin effect makes the heat-affected zone small and damages the substrate.

(2) Dissimilar metal connection composites are used more and more widely, but due to the huge difference in physical and chemical properties, its fusion brazing is difficult. The unique characteristics of high frequency induction brazing machine can realize the brazing and cladding welding of dissimilar metals, and the joints form a metallurgical bond. , High welding quality.

(3) Adopt appropriate welding process, reasonably control brazing temperature and time, and use high frequency induction brazaing machine heating to realize direct melting and brazing of dissimilar metals.

(4) The flux has the function of dissolving the oxide film on the surface of the base material to be welded, preventing the re-oxidation of the base material being welded, reducing the surface tension of the molten solder, and protecting the surface of the welding base material.

(5) Induction cladding has the characteristics of fast heating speed, short production cycle, and controllable thickness of the cladding layer.


How does an induction brazer work?

Induction barzing uses induction heating from radio frequency alternating current to magnetically excite an implant placed at the joint interface of the two parts being welded. This implant, or gasket, is normally a composite of the polymer to be welded with either metal fibers or ferromagnetic particles.

Heat Treatment (surface hardening, quenching, annealing, tempering).

Gears, machine tool guides, hardware tools, pneumatic tools, electric tools, hydraulic parts, ductile iron, automobile and motorcycle parts, internal parts, mechanical metal parts (external surface, inner hole, part, whole) quenching, annealing, stainless steel pot products are stretched .


Non-ferrous and ferrous metals melting.
Precious metal melting, like gold, sliver and platinum, etc.
Semiconductor material melting.
Specialized steel, iron and copper melting.
Metal alloy melting, like aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and copper alloy,etc.


Cutting tool, drilling tool, cutting tool, carpenter tool, turning tool, drill bit, brazing machine, reamer, milling cutter, drill bit, saw blade serration, spectacle occupation structure, steel and copper pipe welding, pick welding, metal welding, Compressor, pressure gauge, relay contact, composite welding of different materials on the bottom of stainless steel pot, copper wire welding of transformer winding, storage (gas nozzle welding, stainless steel powder, welding, etc.) kitchenware.


Hot forming for all kinds of standard parts, fasteners, machinery parts, hardware tools and straight shank twist drill. Metal annealing, such as: tensile steel; wire, nail wire heating and stainless steel annealed.

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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