Kexin Induction’s mission is to provide customers with superior products and support various induction heating applications. Our teams are able to work closely with customers from the initial stages of application evaluation, through in-house laboratory testing and demonstration, to on-time fulfillment of orders.

With many years of experience in induction heating applications, we have brought to the market a range of induction heating and metal melting equipment. Contact us today for more information on induction heating components.

Induction Melting

Precious Metals Melting

Induction melting is a clean process that can be used to create metal products with high precision and repeatability.


Induction Casting Equipment

The induction casting process is an efficient way to create complex or simple designs from melted materials.


Induction Brazing

Induction brazing is a joining process that uses induction heating to join two or more metals.

Steel Industry

Induction Heating Applications For Steel Industry

Induction heating systems from our company can help by preheating these products before they enter the rolling process.