Why Choose An Induction Melting Furnace? —Advantages of Induction Melting Furnace

Recently, more and more manufacturers choose to use induction melting furnace for jewelry processing. Why? Compared with traditional heating equipment, the induction melting furnace has considerable advantages in terms of thermal efficiency. The heating method of traditional heating equipment is to heat itself first, and then conduct the temperature to the metal workpiece, so that the metal is melted at high temperature. However, there will be heat loss in the process of heat conduction, which causes the surrounding temperature to rise, which will make the production staff works very hard.

The induction melting furnace uses induction heating to heat the metal workpiece itself. At the same time, the furnace body of the induction smelting furnace is made of thermal insulation materials, so the heat loss is smaller. The non-contact heating of the metal also reduces energy loss, and the thermal efficiency is as high as about 75%. Under the same conditions, compared with traditional heating equipment, energy-saving is 20%-60%. Non-contact heating also greatly reduces the preheating time before metal smelting. Since the furnace body itself does not produce high temperatures during the heating process, the service life of the smelting furnace is prolonged and maintenance costs are reduced.

25kw induction furnace

How to choose your own induction melting furnace?

How to choose among so many inductions melting furnaces on the market? How to choose safe and reliable equipment to support our company’s production chain? Then start to consider the following factors. Basically we need to consider five factors when selecting equipment power,

1. The relative product performance should be selected according to daily production needs. For example, it depends on the heating volume and corresponding area; For example, if the heating volume is large and the area is large, then the overall heating should be a smelting furnace with high power and low frequency; while if the heating volume is small and the relative area is also smaller, so you can choose the small power and high-frequency induction melting furnace for heating.

2. According to the duration of the equipment required for daily production, if the equipment supports a long continuous operation, it is necessary to select a relatively high frequency melting furnace.

3. According to the heating rate required for daily production, if the required heating rate is fast, then an induction melting furnace with relatively large power and relatively high frequency should be selected.

4. According to the shape and size of the metal to be heated, such as irregular shapes and relatively large metal quality, then relatively high-power and low-frequency smelting furnace should be selected; if the metal materials are with small smelting volume or granular shapes, choosing a relatively low power and high frequency smelting furnace.

5. The metal materials that are heated daily are metals with high melting points. Then the corresponding smelting furnaces should also be selected with the higher power. For metal materials with low melting points, you can choose a lower power; if the metal has a low resistivity and the metal materials are difficult to generate Joule heat, you have to choose a device with a higher power. On the contrary, choose an induction heater with lower power for a larger resistivity.

In general, the high thermal efficiency of the induction melting furnace is conducive to reducing power costs and equipment maintenance costs and is conducive to improving the production environment of the production workshop. The production efficiency of the induction melting furnace is unmatched by the traditional heating equipment, which makes this process technology replacing the traditional resistance furnace with low heat.

KEXIN’s induction melting furnace has higher thermal efficiency and lower energy consumption. They can produce a mild metal bath mixture, mixing a uniform alloy at a constant and uniform temperature. For these reasons, this type of furnace is the first choice for induction melting. Kexin products can flexibly meet all customer requirements.