Cold Welding Machine

High frequency induction heater indeed is a kind of industrial power Supply.It is based on Magnetic field induction principle. It is suitable for various kind of metal material workpiece in different size . It is widely applied to melting,annealing,welding, thermal forming, Forging, hardening and other heat treatment

Mold Repairing Machine X

Model KX5188-X Power 220v+/-20% / 50Hz Output Pulse Frequency 3-30KHz Power Consumption 50-500W Instantaneous Max. Output Power Over 12KW Volume (mm ³) 410mm*200mm*260mm

Mold Repairing Machine K

Model KX5188-K Power 220v+/-20% / 50Hz Output Pulse Frequency 3-30KHz Power Consumption 50-500W Instantaneous Max. Output Power Over 15KW Volume (mm ³) 460mm*230mm*310mm

What is Cold Welding Machine

Cold welding machine is developed by the former Soviet Union experts using the circuit principle similar to electrical discharge machine. The original coating thickness of the machine can only reach about 30μm, so it cannot meet the needs of repair.

After a lot of research and development, t the output power was improved, the structure of the welding gun and the material composition of the electrode were also improved. The cold welding machine is to fuse the special welding wire to the damaged part of the workpiece.

cold welding machine

Advantages of Cold Welding Machine

Reasonable and free to adjust.

Different discharge frequency can be selected according to different metal materials to achieve the best repair effect.

Heat affected area is small.

There is no heat input in the process of stacking, so there is no deformation, undercut and residual stress.

Doesn’t produce local annealing and reheat treatment after repair.

Cold welding machine has very small repair impact. In the process of welding repair, it overcomes the impact of ordinary argon arc welding on the periphery of workpiece. Repair the machining surface of workpiece without allowance. The thickness of the surfacing is from a few microns to a few millimeters, only need to be polished and polished. The welding strength of cold welding machine is high. It can fully penetrate into the workpiece surface material to produce a strong binding force.

Easy to carry.

It is light (15-25kg) and uses 220V power supply. So it has no working environment requirements. The cold welding machine can be repaired immediately on site, improving production efficiency and save costs.

The cold welding machine is a synchronous argon gas protection system controlled by a microcomputer, which makes the argon gas protection better, the welding effect more firm and beautiful. It can maximize the saving of argon gas.

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