Cold Welding Machine

High frequency induction heater indeed is a kind of industrial power Supply.It is based on Magnetic field induction principle. It is suitable for various kind of metal material workpiece in different size . It is widely applied to melting,annealing,welding, thermal forming, Forging, hardening and other heat treatment

Mold Repairing Machine X

Model KX5188-X Power 220v+/-20% / 50Hz Output Pulse Frequency 3-30KHz Power Consumption 50-500W Instantaneous Max. Output Power Over 12KW Volume (mm ³) 410mm*200mm*260mm

Mold Repairing Machine K

Model KX5188-K Power 220v+/-20% / 50Hz Output Pulse Frequency 3-30KHz Power Consumption 50-500W Instantaneous Max. Output Power Over 15KW Volume (mm ³) 460mm*230mm*310mm

What is Mold Repair Machine

Mold repair machine can repair a small number of defects such as processing defects, collision damage, insufficient argon welding, casting defects and accumulated wear, etc. in the mold, casting, and mechanical parts. It is a useful tool for related industries to improve product quality, reduce production costs and extend the service life of equipment. The new generation of mold repairing machine is mainly realized by the principle of sub laser welding. After welding, it is completely metallurgical fusion without worrying about falling off. The characteristics of this welding repair method are: very short time, very small heat. The welding machine can complete the welding process of welding wire and workpiece in milliseconds.


Mold repairing machine can repair the machining defects in the manufacturing process, such as excessive cutting, size out of tolerance, edge damage, and lack of argon welding and so on. It can also repair the local wear in the process of using the tool and die. It can also repair the corrosion of the cavity and other depressions.

Advantages of Mold Repair Machine

The welding strength of mold repairing machine is high. It can be fully metallurgical fusion, can bear all kinds of turning, milling, planing, grinding and other mechanical processing, will not fall off. The repairing precision of mold repairing machine is high. Its minimum repair amount is 0.005mm, without losing the original reference surface, less solder waste, and easy to reshape in the later stage.

mold repair machine

Mold repairing machine can be applied to low carbon steel, medium carbon steel, die steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, all steel, half steel, cast steel, cast iron, etc. It can be used to repair ferrous metals. The hot spot of the mold repairing machine is small, the metallographic structure of the matrix does not change, no stress concentration, no deformation, no cracks, no annealing or quenching. So it causes less damage.


When its welding power fluctuates within±20% of the power supply voltage, the machine still guarantees stable repair quality. The electric connection of the mold repairing machine is convenient. It has a strong magnetic connector and any size of workpiece can easily achieve electrical connection. It also has abnormal operation alarm protection function. The operation of mold repairing machine is simple and easy to operate. Safe operation, non-toxic, smoke-free, light-free, dust-free, noise-free and environment-friendly. Its light weight (10KG) makes it easy to repair on site.

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