Stud Welding Machine

Stud Welding Machine for Bolts Welding

What is Stud Welder

Stud welder is a kind of welding machine that welds a metal stud or similar parts to the whole end face on the workpiece after instantaneous pressure and discharge. The stud is pressed into the molten pool by the spring pressure in the welding gun. Then form the metal recrystallization connection. Arc stud welding is a kind of fusion welding method. Its joint is formed under the pressure of spring in the welding gun, so it has the characteristics of pressure welding.

After the stud is inserted into the molten pool, the power cannot be cut off immediately. Power off before the stud is inserted into the molten pool. A period of live upset forging is required to ensure that the joint can form a complete recrystallization process.

According to the different working principle of stud welding machine, stud welder is generally divided into two categories: stored energy stud welder and arc-type stud welder.

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The Differences Between Energy&ARC-Type Stud Welder

Energy storage stud welder is composed of welding power supply, rectifier, energy storage capacitor, controller, welding gun, ground wire clamp, welding cable and other parts. The welding machine obtains the voltage by controlling the capacitor charging, and the discharge time for the thyristor discharge to complete the welding is 1-3 milliseconds. It is characterized by short time, small thermal deformation and very suitable for thin plate stud welding. It is widely used in shipbuilding, automobile, electric control cabinet, cabinet, curtain wall, elevator accessories and other industries.

Different from the welding principle of stored energy stud welder, the arc stud welder has no capacitor charging process. The whole welding process is completed by welding power discharge and thyristor control discharge time, which is 5-500ms.

The more advanced control method is to use single-chip intelligent control in order to more accurately set and timely control the welding current, welding time and other parameters in the welding process.

Generally, the welding power supply is a thyristor controlled or inverter arc welding rectifier. The inverter type arc welding rectifier has the advantages of small volume, light weight and good dynamic characteristics, which is undoubtedly the first choice of welding machine. However, due to the limitation of high-power devices, the current large capacity welding machine is mainly controlled by the thyristor arc welding rectifier. But no matter which structure of welding power supply, its safety requirements shall comply with the provisions of GB15579.1. The welding power supply used for arc stud welding machine shall have the characteristics of high load voltage 70-100v, high output voltage (≥ 44V), steep rising welding current frontier, and small internal impedance.

Stud welder has the advantages of full section welding, standardized operation, high efficiency and reliable quality. With the continuous development of the process, it has been widely used in the industrial field.

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