Cold Welding Machine

Model :KX-5188E

Power :220v+/-20% / 50Hz

Output Pulse Frequency :1-10KHz

Power Consumption :10-3000W

Instantaneous Max. Output Power Over: 40KW

Volume (mm ³) 380mm*155mm*250mm

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KEXIN Cold Welding Machine

What is Cold Welding Machine Advantages?

1. Hfinduction cold welding machine has high welding strength: it is completely welded and can withstand various machining processes such as turning, milling, planing, grinding, etc., without falling off.

2. The cold welding machine has high repair accuracy: the repair amount is 0.05mm, without losing the original reference plane, less solder waste, and easy reshaping later.

3. Small damage to the base material: small heating points, no change in the metallographic structure of the matrix, no stress concentration, no deformation, no cracks, no annealing or quenching.

4. Hfinduction cold welding machine adopts the unique technology of dual power supply stabilization system. When the power supply voltage fluctuates within ±20%, the machine still guarantees stable repair quality.

5. Convenient electrical connection: strong magnetic connector, any size workpiece, can easily realize electrical connection.

6. When the cold welding machine operates abnormally, it has an alarm protection function.

7. The cold welding machine is easy to operate and easy to use. The operation is safe, non-toxic, smoke-free, non-light, dust-free, noise-free, and environmental pollution-free.

8. The cold welding machine is light in weight and convenient for on-site repair.

KX-5188E Cold Welding Machine/Mold Repairing Machine
Model KX-5188E
Power 220V+/-20% / 50Hz
Output Pulse Frequency 1-10KHz
Power Consumption 10-3000W
Instantaneous Maximum Output Power Over 40KW
Volume(mm³) 380mm*155mm*250mm
Net Weight 12KG
Gross Weight 25KG

Cold Welding Machines for Metal & Hybrid Materials Junction.

The cold welding machine is applicable and suitable for industrial welding repairing demands. Also, the workpieces which are made of metal materials (including copper and aluminum) can be repaired other than the materials and hard alloys of low melting points such as zinc and tin, etc.

The application is that it can work for local wearing generated during the application process of equipment and moulds.

Cold Welding Machine Working Principle

Metal Mold Repairing Machine employs (AC-DC-AC-DC) technology, which can convert the power into low voltage and large current DC power. By using the micro-computer technology to perform the accurate controlled welding time, as a result, cold weld machine can release the converted energy (in the form of instantaneous over-pulse arc between the tungsten electrode and workpiece). The arc of ultra-high temperature can finally make the metal workpiece together with welding wire fuse and splice.

Furthermore, the feature of cold welding machine is a short period and less heat. It can complete the fuse process — the welding wires and workpieces within tens of milliseconds. Therefore, rather with ordinary welding machine (more than a few seconds), this cold welding machine is less heat conduction to the workpieces. In addition, it has the advantages of less heat and lower temperature risen beyond the welding spots, also without annealing and discoloration. Due to the stress directions of welding spots scatters, hence the concentrated stress to the workpiece is relatively smaller. In conclusion, the workpiece deformation is smaller after being welded.

Since the output of the pulse energy, the machine is concentrated. Therefore, It can carry out copper and aluminum welding repairs, which is difficult for other ordinary welding machines.

Application of Cold Welding Machine in Manufacturing Industries

  1. Plane Repair Welding
  2. Edges & Corners Welding
  3. Interior Angle Welding
  4. Nitrided Workpiece Welding
  5. Stainless Steel Sheet Welding
  6. Welding of Copper & Aluminum Part
  7. Shafts, gears, and processing defects in the manufacturing process, such as excessive cutting, oversize, corner damage, insufficient argon welding, sand holes, hydraulic rods, hydraulic cylinders, local wear, strain, rust spots, bumps during use Wait.
Cold Welding Machine Mold Reparing Machine Applications

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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