Handheld Type Induction Welding Machine

High-frequency induction welding machine

Model: KX-40 Handheld Type Induction Welding Machine induction brazing machine

Rated Power Output: 40KW

Frequency Range: 10-60 KHz

Type: Induction Welding Machine

Certification: CE, ISO;

Warranty Period: 12 Months

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KEXIN Portable Induction Heater Machine

What is the Portable Induction Heater Machine Advantages?

Advanced Technologies Induction brazing machine price

High-Frequency Induction Brazing Equipment adopts the most advanced MOS, and IGBT frequency conversion control technologies to realize automatic tracking of frequency. Induction brazing

Alarm Interface Induction brazing copper pip; Handheld induction brazing; induction brazing 

About ten types of fault protection and display of over-current, over-voltage, water shortage, and phase missing can provide higher reliability and durability. Portable induction brazing equipment

Memory Card Type Induction heater for brazing; Portable induction silver brazing

Industrial grade SD card (stored for more than 360 days of processing data and alarm data) (matching function). Need to be purchased separately. High-frequency induction welding 

Data Analysis Software Induction brazing aluminum; Induction brazing stainless steel 

The handheld induction brazing machine is smart and light in volume, and the induction welding machine is easy and portable to hold and store. The entire control system is digitally integrated, with various protection actions and fast speeds, low failure rate, and long life. Induction brazing


Backed by a team of industrial experts, we offer a huge array of Portable Induction Heater to our clients. These are aesthetically designed and precision-engineered for their higher functionality and durable work life. Moreover, all these Heaters are rigidly tested on various quality parameters to deliver a flawless range at the client’s end.

Handheld Type Induction Welding Machine
Model KX-40
Rated Power Output 40KW
Maximum apparent power 40KVA
Frequency Range 10-60KHz
Main Extension Cable Length 5m
Voltage 380V+/-10%
Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Current 40A
Maximum Current 64A
Host Size 660*580*770
Net Weight 70KG
Protection Level IP42
Packing Method Wooden Box

The portable induction heater machine is applicable and suitable for industrial heating treatment demands. It can be widely used for welding different types of pipe fittings. This kind of induction heating machine is more likely to be chosen by manufacturers and suppliers of pipe fittings. For example, copper pipes in air-conditioners, lathe tool of turning lathe, stainless steel pipes of home furniture, etc. Its portable and easy to hold. The advantage of induction heating is to improve the product quality, extend product life and reduce energy consumption.

How This Portable Induction Brazing Machine Works induction brazing equipment

Portable Induction Brazing equipment is the process of heating an electrically conducting object (usually a metal) by electromagnetic induction, through heat generated in the object by eddy currents. It also called Foucault currents. High-frequency induction welding equipment

What Induction Heater Consists of

While a high-frequency induction copper brazing machine consists of an electromagnet and an electronic oscillator. It passes a high-frequency alternating current (AC) through the electromagnet. The rapidly alternating magnetic field penetrates the object and generates electric currents inside the conductor called eddy currents. Portable induction silver brazing

The basic component of an induction heating system is an AC power supply, induction coil and workpiece (material to be heated or treated). Also, the power supply sends alternating current through the coil, generating a magnetic field. Hence when we place the workpiece in the coil, the magnetic field induces an eddy current in the workpiece. Therefore, handheld induction brazing machine will generate precise amounts of clean and localized heat, which without any physical contact between the coil and the workpiece. Induction brazing machine for sale/manufacturer

Portable Induction Heating Machine Main Parts


Control Method: Digital embedded control software.

Main Chip: ARM STM32.

Chip Speed: 72MHz

Working Mode: Manual mode, automatic mode, and temperature control mode.

Current Heating Setting: 5 sections (can be extended to 32).

Number of Working Parameter Storage: 10 pcs/mode.

Display Screen: 3.5 inches True Color display screen, resolution ratio 320*240.

Communication & Start-up Interface: DB-9 and 4 cores air plug.

Bus Access: RS485 (recommended), Profibus (optional), CANbus (optional).

Trial Function Time: 200 hours. (While the trial function enables, the device will be locked down when it reaches the setting time.).


What is induction heating? Induction brazing copper pipe; Induction heater for brazing

The heating method of high-frequency induction welding equipment known as induction heating occurs when we place an electrically conductive material in a varying magnetic field. So induction heating is a rapid form of heating. Its current is induced directly into the heated par. Also, induction heating is a non-contact form of heating. High-frequency induction welding 

An induction heating machine can also use for melting platinum, the silver crucible, etc. It’s simple and easy, together with working with smelting crucibles, especially the graphite crucible and quartz crucible. Induction heating for welding; Induction preheating welding; induction heater for welding; high-frequency induction brazing machine; high-frequency induction welding machine

Can you braze glass or ceramics with induction? Portable induction silver brazing

If you use the induction brazing machine to work with glass or ceramics, a compact vacuum furnace is a great solution for brazing. You’ll get quick, clean heat with very precise temperature control. Induction brazing machine; Portable induction brazing machine; induction welding

What makes up a typical induction heating system? Handheld induction brazing for brass  

A typical induction heating system consists of an induction heating power supply, induction heating coil, water cooling power supply, and several components inside the power supply. The induction heating power supply transmits alternating current through the induction coil, which generates a magnetic field.

Therefore, a workpiece is placed in the coil and entered into the magnetic field. An eddy current is generated in the workpiece. In addition, there is no physical contact between the induction coil and the workpiece, resulting in accurate and local heat. Induction brazing

Will induction heating increase my utility bills? Induction brazing aluminum

Not likely. Induction heating of portable induction brazing machine is a very effective, efficient means of heating. Most of our customers who are switching to induction for the first time see their utility bills go down. Induction brazing machine price; Induction brazing equipment

What are the typical utility requirements for induction? Induction brazing stainless steel 

Of course, it depends on the system, but a typical system requires 380, 3-phase VAC at 50 Hz and 30 Amps. Also, figure 80 PSI compressed air and 40 PSI water at 4 gallons per minute for cooling. Induction brazing machine for sale; Induction welding; High-frequency induction welding

Is this joint suitable for induction brazing? Induction heating for welding copper pipes

Our team of metallurgical and mechanical engineers will be glad to have a look at your parts and process and give you our best advice – no obligation! Induction brazing machine; induction heater for brazing; high-frequency induction welding equipment; Induction heating for welding

How can my process benefit from induction heating? Induction preheating welding

It can benefit your process in a number of ways. Induction heating is highly repetitive once making the initial adjustments to the power supply. Following this phase, it will heat part after part with identical results so long as introduces the parts to the coil similarly to each cycle. This can also lead to better material utilization and product yield.

Induction heating can reduce or eliminate the need for skilled operators in an application such as brazing and soldering. The ability of induction heating to heat all parts identically lends itself to the automation of the process. Induction heating can also heat the part in a highly localized fashion. It can be extremely beneficial when it is desirable or necessary to limit the heat to only a certain region of the part. Induction brazing copper pipe; Induction heater for brazing stainless steel

Widely Used in Many Different Applications

Induction Heating for Heat Treatment induction brazing machine manufacturer

KEXIN is a famous producer of high-quality portable induction heaters that can be used for brazing aluminum, brass, copper, copper alloys, iron, and cast iron, steel, and stainless steel. It offers brazing tools for various important fields such as the automotive, aviation, electro-technical, and white goods industries. This portable induction heater machine is suitable for hardening parts of automobiles, motorbikes, mold, and agricultural machinery. Portable induction silver brazing; Handheld induction brazing; induction welding

Some machinery parts need to be quenched, such as the gear wheel and chain wheel. Also, it will be a better choice to use a portable induction heating machine.

In the industrial of machine tool hardening, such as bed guideway of machine tools, induction heating provides a more precise and clean result. Induction brazing aluminum; induction brazing

What’s more, a portable induction heater is available for heat treatment for hardware tools. For example, pliers, spanners, screwdrivers, drills, axes, and spikers, etc.

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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