25KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine


Rated Power Output:25KW

Frequency Range:30-80KHz

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KEXIN 25KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine

What is 25KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine Advantages?

KEXIN 25KW high frequency induction heating machine has fast heating speed and high production efficiency. The heat-affected zone is small and the damage to the substrate is small. Therefore, the heating speed is extremely fast, and the time required for large-area welding is only a few seconds, which can greatly shorten the welding time, increase productivity, and reduce production costs.

The skin effect of high frequency induction heating machine makes the heating depth of the workpiece to be welded very shallow, even up to a few tenths of a millimeter. It only relies on the heat transfer of the workpiece to conduct heat to the core. When any point of the workpiece enters the inductor, it is heated sharply to melt When the temperature leaves the sensor, it enters a state of rapid cooling. There is almost no holding time and the heating time is extremely short, so the heat-affected zone is very small and basically does not damage the substrate. In addition, there is very little scale formation, and even if heated in air, there is very little oxidation and decarbonization on the surface of the blank.

Avoid or reduce the formation of brittle compounds at the interface, and the welded joint has excellent mechanical properties. Due to the fast induction heating speed, concentrated energy, short cooling time, and fine austenite grains obtained, the induction-heated workpiece has a very good metallographic structure. For dissimilar metal welding, the extremely short heating time can reduce the formation of brittle compounds at the interface and can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the welded joint. The heating head of the inductor can be designed into the corresponding shape according to the heating needs of different workpieces, and the extremely short heating time can achieve local heating, the temperature of the heating zone is quickly established, and the temperature transition zone is narrow, so that the sensor can move along the complex interface to Realize the welding of complex interfaces.

High frequency induction heating machine also has the advantages of energy saving, reproducibility, and easy automated production. 


High frequency heating machine, also known as high frequency machine, high frequency  heating machine, high frequency heating power supply,high frequency electric furnace.

25KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine (Separated type)
Model KX-5188A25S
Rated Power Output 25KW
Frequency Range 30-80KHz
Single Phase Input Three Phase 380V/50Hz
Current Range Three Phase 2-35A
Volume (mm³) 670*280*500


Net Weight 44KG
Gross Weight 55KG
Cooling Water Flow Hydraulic Pressure≧0.2MPa;Flow Rate: 5-20L/Min
Cooling Water Temperature ≤40℃
Water Connection 1 inlet and 1 outlet
Packing Method Wooden Box

In addition to other heating machine, metal induction brazing machine, etc. They can be used in a wide range of applications for metal heat treatment, brazing and smelting.

25KW High Frequency Induction Heating Machine (Separated type)

High frequency induction heating machine converts power frequency alternating current into alternating current with a frequency generally ranging from 1KHZ to hundreds of KHZ, or even higher. Using the principle of electromagnetic induction, it is converted into a magnetic field of the same frequency through an inductance coil and then acts on a metal object in the magnetic field. Using the eddy current effect, an induced rotating current proportional to the strength of the magnetic field is generated in the metal object. The rotating current uses the resistance in the metal object to convert it into heat. At the same time, there are hysteresis effects, skin effects, edge effects, etc., which can also generate a certain amount of heat. Together, they can rapidly increase the temperature of metal objects to achieve the purpose of rapid heating.


The skin effect of high frequency induction heating machine current can make the eddy current in the metal object concentrate on the metal surface with the increase of frequency. In this way, the heating depth of the metal object can be controlled by controlling the frequency of the working current. It can not only improve the quality of the processing technology, but also ensure that the energy is fully utilized. When used for red punching, hot forging and overall annealing of workpieces, etc., due to the large heating depth required for the workpiece, even heat penetration is required. At this time, the operating frequency of the high frequency induction heating machine can be reduced; when used for heat treatment such as surface quenching, They require a small heating depth, and then the working frequency can be increased. On the other hand, for small-volume workpieces, pipes, and plates, use high frequency induction heating machine, and for larger-volume workpieces, use medium-frequency heating.


Because the induction heating time is short, the speed is fast, and it is non-contact heating. Therefore, compared with other heating methods, oxidation and decarburization are milder. Generally, gas protection treatment is not required, and it is easier to perform gas protection when really needed.

1) Germany SIEMENS INFINEON IGBT Module (40-60KHZoscillation frequency, fast response time, high arc stability and almost spatter-free welding).


2) Japan Nichicon electrolytic capacitor (filter capacitor).


3) Adopted signal circuit, drive circuit board, control circuit board and components: Toshiba, Hitachi, Motorola and also China’s top manufacturers.


4) International advanced all-solid-state semiconductor power devices.


5) Imported transistor integrated block.


6) High speed control tube.


7) As with perfect control, protection and alarm display circuit, machine could get full automatic tracking frequency and continuous adjustable power. It is also safe and dependable protection, clear and occur data display and etc.

What is high frequency induction heating?

Induction heating is a non-contact heating process. It uses high frequency electricity to heat materials that are electrically conductive. Since it is non-contact, the heatingprocess does not contaminate the material being heated. It is also very efficient since the heat is actually generated inside the workpiece.


How does frequency affect induction heating?

Low frequency induction heating has a deeper skin effect which is more efficient for larger parts. As a rule, heating smaller parts with induction requires higher operatingfrequencies, and larger parts are more efficiently heatedwith lower operating frequencies.


What are the advantages of high frequency heating machine?

1. Instant non-contact heating, the most advanced solid-state semiconductor technology design principle, built-in microcomputer processing system, stable power output and good continuity.

2. High energy efficiency conversion, more than twice that of traditional heating methods, greatly saving operating costs.

3. The output power can realize digital adjustment and analog adjustment.

Heat Treatment (surface hardening, quenching, annealing, tempering).

Thermal fit mainly refers to the metal hardening between different kinds of metals or between metal and non-metal, and the use of thermal expansion or thermal melting to connect the two together. For example: the copper core and aluminum sheet of the computer radiator, the embedded value welding of the horn net, the composite of the steel-plastic tube, the sealing of the aluminum foil (toothpaste skin), the motor rotor, the sealing of the electric heating tube.


Melting mainly refers to the melting of metal into liquid through high temperature, which is mainly suitable for melting iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and various precious metals, such as gold and silver.


Communication industry: welding of heat-dissipating copper plates, antennas, cable joints, RF radio frequency wires, shaft core terminals.

Metal saw blade industry: welding and heat treatment of saw blade teeth, tungsten steel drill bits, ultra-micro drill bits, etc. Auto parts industry: screws hot-pressing and implanting plastics, starting capacitors, welding of automobile parts.

Solar energy industry: solar junction box, solar bus bar Electronics industry: tin, aluminum, nickel, silver, copper of various components.


Hot forging is mainly to heat the workpiece to a certain temperature (the heating temperature varies according to the material), and then forge the workpiece into other shapes by punching, forging or other forms. For example: hot extrusion of watch cases, table blanks, handles, mold accessories, kitchen tableware supplies, handicrafts, standard parts, fasteners, mechanical parts processing, brass locks, rivets, steel brazing tools, and tools;

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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