Induction Heating

What Our Induction Heating Designed For

As the video shows, induction heating is specially designed for welding and brazing seamless steel pipe. In the process of heating the steel pipe, there is no direct contact between the inductor and the pipe, or with a flame or other heating elements. Neither is there no combustion gases.It works very quickly, so the production rates can be completely maximized. As a result, it can minimize product warpage, distortion and reject rates.


Unlike some combustion methods, induction heating is highly controllable regardless of batch size. Also, varying the current, voltage, and frequency through an induction coil results in fine-tuned engineered heating, perfect for applications like hardening and tempering, stress relieving, annealing and other forms of heat treating. Furthermore, a high level of precision is essential for critical industries like automotive, aerospace, the military, off-road machinery, and oil and gas, just to name of few.

What is Induction Heating?

Advantage of Using Induction Heating

Watching a piece of metal in a coil turn cherry red in a matter of seconds can be surprising to those unfamiliar with induction heating.Induction is a fascinating method of heating. Watching a piece of metal in a coil turn cherry red in a matter of seconds can be surprising to those unfamiliar with electromagnetic induction. Induction heating is a multiphysics phenomenon comprising a complex interaction of electromagnetic, heat transfer, metallurgy and circuit analysis that is tightly interrelated and highly non-linear because the physical properties of materials depend on temperature, magnetic field intensity and microstructure. At present, induction heating is the cleanest, efficient, cost-effective, precise, and repeatable method of material heating available to the industry compared to other traditional heating methods, such as open flame, torch heating and etc.


Our KX-5188A series high-frequency Induction Heating Machine is adopting international advanced techniques, which have greatly improved the stability and reliability of the machine itself. As a result, it reduced the chance of machine stoppage.

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Gold Supplier

As the 8Th year Golden Supplier on Alibaba with a good reputation and Expert in the induction heating industry, we are experienced in the design, construction and sales for the electromagnetic induction heating field.

Perfect Quality Guaranteed

Consists of perfect components such as SIEMENS Infineon IGBT modules. Such as RUBYCON capacitors, Philips and Motorola components, Delixi AC contactors, etc.

Advanced Technology Supported

We have the most advanced technical support,   ensure machine provides 40% energy saving than normal industrial heating machine with 24-hours continuous working.

CE Certificated

Sells well all over the world and quality proved. We are owning over thousands of end users and agent resells. Third-Party safe payment by ESCROW accepted, 100% positive feedback on aliexpress. Our sincerity is greatly appreciated.

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Small noise, friendly to environment, light weight. It is easy to carry.


Save electricity and cooling water.


High efficiency. Rapid heating with little oxidized layer.


The machine can be classified varieties of types according to power and frequency range. Users can properly choose the product at your operating requirement.


Simple installation, convenient operating. Only ten more minutes required to master the use of machine.


Simple and various control mode. It has joggling control, remoter control, half/full automatic control. Heating time could be adjusted automatically.


Mr. Traylor

Great induction heating machine, well packed, arrived quickly. Very happy with service, great company. Highly recommended.

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Produto muito bom!!!!, O vendedor me ajudou em tudo que eu precisei, pode comprar sem medo que ele te ajuda no transporte e alfandega !!!

Mrs. Arakelyan

работает очень хорошо плавит все металы за пару минут , продовец очень хороший отвечал на все вопросы ,помог с подключением, в общем все супер!!! я доволен на все 100%

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Very Fast shipment. Fast Respond to assist both presale and after sales. Machine working beautifully.



Warranty Period

KEXIN guarantees that each new KEXIN product is the result of excellent materials and workmanship. The warranty is valid for a period of 1 years (12 months) from the product begin to work normally. Besides, we will provide the whole life technology support to you as free.


Warranty Range

During the warranty period, all the products sold by KEXIN will be provided with spare parts for replacement as free. Our engineer will also offer technical support to help you make the aftersales through our remote control system. When the warranty time expires, we will provide the cost price of the spare parts for the whole machine lifetime.


Warranty Policies

For the guaranteed products, we will provide a full range of solutions and the basic troubleshooting for the use of the products, production process and a variety of other using problems.

When the product fails to work normally, our aftersales engineer will find out why the machine is disordered based on the videos that provide by you. Then we will send you the replacement by express service.

The repairing time for warranty period products depends on the extent of products’ damage. Generally you just need to exchange the broken parts with the replace one.

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