Mold Repairing Machine X

Model :KX5188-X

Power :220v+/-20% / 50Hz

Output Pulse Frequency :3-30KHz

Power Consumption :50-500W

Instantaneous Max. Output Power Over: 12KW Volume (mm ³) 410mm*200mm*260mm

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KEXIN Mold Repairing Machine X

What is Mold Repairing Machine X Advantages?

1.  The Mold repairing machine X has a high degree of fusion with the base metal, and the repairing part can be processed by turning, milling, filing, etc.

2.  Mold repairing machine X is accurate in repairing volume. It will not lose the original datum plane when repairing with thin-film repair materials. The important thing is that repairing welding materials can be selected according to the size of the defect, which is easy to reshape later.

3.  Mold repairing machine X has a wide range of applications. Except for materials with extremely low resistivity such as copper and aluminum, all kinds of metal materials can be repaired.

4.  Mold repairing machine X has a small heating point, so it will not damage the base material and will not cause annealing deformation of the base material.

5.  The operation is simple, ordinary people can learn in five minutes without training.

6.  Mold repairing machine X has more reasonable power distribution, digital display, and more intuitive and convenient operation.

7.  Mold repairing machine X separately sets up precision welding mode and precision welding head to provide more support for precision operation.

8.  The latest upgrade, providing dual guns, can solve the customer’s screen welding problem.


The switching power supply technology adopted by Mold repairing machine X, when the voltage fluctuates within the range of 220V±20%, can still ensure stable high-power output and ensure welding quality.


Stainless Steel Iron Plate Mold Repairing Machine KX-5188X
Model KX-5188X
Power 220V+/-20% / 50Hz
Output Pulse Frequency 3-30KHz
Power Consumption 50-500W
Instantaneous Maximum Output Power Over 12KW
Volume(mm³) 410mm*200mm*260mm
Net Weight 25KG
Gross Weight 35KG

Mold repairing machine sets up precision welding mode and precision welding head separately to provide more support for precision operation.

mold repair machine

Working principle

The mold repairing machine X is a tool that uses cold welding repair technology to repair and strengthen the surface defects of the mold.

The mold repairing machine X can repair a small amount of defects in tooling, castings, and mechanical parts, such as processing defects, collision damage, insufficient argon welding, casting defects, and accumulated wear.

Mold repairing machine X is a beneficial tool for the mold industry, foundry industry and other related industries to improve product quality, reduce production costs, and extend the service life of equipment.

How to choose the thickness of the replenishment material


The thickness of the repair material is mainly determined according to the surface finish requirements of the repaired mold and the repair amount. If the surface to be repaired is a cavity surface that requires a high degree of smoothness, the thickness of the repair material should be less than 0.12mm. For some molds with hardening characteristics but the cavity does not need to be quenched, repairing with a thickness less than 0.08mm can reduce the traces of heating and hardening of the outer ring base material of the solder joint.


How to solve the problem of poor repairing quality of Mold Repairing Machine X


It is not easy to make up for corner defects: (for example, the amount of the front corner defect is only 0.1mm, but it is not enough to make up two layers of 0.1mm thick material.) The reason for this phenomenon is that the contact area at the corners is relatively small, relatively speaking The power is too large, and the supplementary material is melted and thrown out. The solution is to reduce the welding power, change the welding position and the direction of the force, avoid the sharp peaks at the two.
Weld on the side.

Application for Mold Repairing Machine X

1.  Screen industry: mesh products such as drying screens can be quickly welded.

2. Mold industry: all kinds of injection molds, extrusion molds, rubber molds, die-casting molds, hardware molds, etc. repair.

3.  Machinery industry: repair of various mechanical parts, such as guide rails, shafts, crankshafts, hydraulic rods, etc.

4.  Foundry industry: processing of sand holes and pores of various castings (cast steel, cast iron, stainless steel, etc.).

5.  Printing and textile industry: repair of pattern rollers, rollers, mirror rollers, printing press cylinders, etc.

6.  Hardware industry: gasket spot welding.

7. Shaft repair: Shaft repair

rendering repair
application frequency welding machine

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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