Mold Repairing Machine X

Model :KX5188-X

Power :220v+/-20% / 50Hz

Output Pulse Frequency :3-30KHz

Power Consumption :50-500W

Instantaneous Max. Output Power Over: 12KW Volume (mm ³) 410mm*200mm*260mm


Stainless Steel Iron Plate Mold Repairing Machine KX-5188X
Power220V+/-20% / 50Hz
Output Pulse Frequency3-30KHz
Power Consumption50-500W
Instantaneous Maximum Output PowerOver 12KW
Net Weight25KG
Gross Weight35KG

Working principle

First of all, Stainless Steel Iron Plate Mold Repairing Machine X release the electric energy. And this electrical energy is stored in capacitor. As a result to connect place between work pieces (which is made up of metal material with high resistanrce rate) like steel and repairing material. Therefore to make them weld together with rapid heating and get the aim of repairing the industrial mould. Because the heat happens in the small range(<1m㎡) for a very short time (grade ms). Hence the basic body of work piece will not deform, anneal and also not change the color.

1) Germany SIEMENS INFINEON IGBT Module (40-60KHZoscillation frequency, fast response time, high arc stability and almost spatter-free welding).


2) Japan Nichicon electrolytic capacitor (filter capacitor).


3) Adopted signal circuit, drive circuit board, control circuit board and components: Toshiba, Hitachi, Motorola and also China’s top manufacturers.


4) International advanced all-solid-state semiconductor power devices.


5) Imported transistor integrated block.


6) High speed control tube.


7) As with perfect control, protection and alarm display circuit, machine could get full automatic tracking frequency and continuous adjustable power. It is also safe and dependable protection, clear and occur data display and etc.

Application for Mold Repairing Machine X

First of all, repair materials: It can patch the very low resistivity of copper and aluminum, also other materials and all kinds of materials such as stainless steel and iron.

Secondly, repair project: a processing defect in the manufacturing process, such as excessive cutting and ultra-poor, also size, angular damage and lack of TIG.

In addition, tool & Die. The process and the local wear consequently generates it.


Packing Details: Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection