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Commercial and training services

We would offer the tools to you for learning more information about induction heating processes and the induction heating equipment, which is crucial to maximize the success and payback on the investment.

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We will provide fully-customized consultation services which will ensure that you would get the induction heating solution that's completed and best suited to your requirements specifically, and that it would work the way it should from at the first beginning. Our engineers will assess the potential impact of various and different technical solutions in advance which will occur on your components...

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Induction coil services

It’s crucial and important that the repair and replacement of coils so that to maintain the desired induction heating performance. KEXIN have documented every induction coil into a data-base with all the essential information, which makes us convenient and fast to repair or replace the induction coils with consistent quality. To meet new customer’s demands or improve in a specific area, KEXIN can also adjust or design your original coil. Besides...

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Preventive maintenance

We would pay our attention regularly to your induction heating equipment, which pays back in terms of higher productivity and fewer production disruptions. With KEXIN’s preventive maintenance services, the most foreseeable damage will be largely avoided. We will customize the service to your induction heating equipment personally.

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