Stud Welding Machine

Stud Welding Machine

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KEXIN Stud Welding Machine

What is Stud Welding Machine Advantages?

High Welding Strength

The stud welding machine has a full metallurgical fuse, the repairing places can be subject to milling and filing and other post-process.

High Repairing Precision

Round wires can be used to repair. It’s without losing the original base level, less redundant solders, and easy for post-phase shaping. The minimum repair amount is 0.05mm (filling material of 0.05m in diameter is used).

Fast Repairing Speed

Fastest repairing amount is up to 100 /min.In the stud welding, the welding process is short time, high current and small penetration. Therefore, it can be welded to very thin plates. For the use of ceramic ring drawn arc stud welding and short-cycle drawn arc stud welding, the plate thickness can be up to 1mm. The capacitance discharge drawn arc stud welding can reach 0.6mm, and the energy storage stud can reach 0.5mm.

Less Damage to Base Materials

Stud welding machine has small hot spots, without causing annealing and deformation of the base material.

Reasonable Distribution of Power

It adopts microcomputer chip control and various materials of different diameters can obtain the best power.

Large Adaptive Range of Voltage

Switching power supply is used. When the voltage changes fluctuate within the range of ±20%, this machine can work in normal state and maintain a stable output power.

Convenient for Electricity Connection

With a quick connector, it is very convenient for connection and installation.

Easy to Carry

Small size of the whole machine (375×150×230), lightweight:9kg.

Nail Screw Anchor Stud Bolts Shear Parts Welding Machine
Model RSR-2500
Input Power 2KVA
Peak Current 2200A
Available Welding Stud Diameter (mm) M3-M8
Welding Efficiency (per minute) 40-10
Welding Time 0.15s
Net Weight 20KG
Output Cable 25mm²
Size 450mm*220mm*320mm

There are many ways to realize stud welding, such as drawn arc stud welding, energy storage stud welding, resistance welding, projection welding and so on. Corresponding welding machines are also different.

They are drawn arc stud welding machine, energy storage stud welding machine, resistance welding machine, projection welding machine and so on.

The stud welding machine uses 220V alternating current, which is stepped down by a transformer, and then through a rectifier bridge.

The alternating current is changed to direct current, and the capacitor is charged through a bidirectional rectifier tube and a charging resistor. The smart chip precisely controls the thyristor, so that the energy storage capacitor instantly releases all the power to complete the entire welding process.

Energy storage stud welding machines are widely used in sheet metal engineering, electronic industry switch cabinets, test and medical equipment, food industry, home appliance industry, communication engineering, industrial full set of cooking utensils, office and banking equipment, coin-operated cargo machines, glass curtain walls Structure and insulation technology, etc.

1. Effective time and cost savings.

It can weld all studs without using drilling, punching, threading, riveting, threading and finishing.


2. Constantly expand the potential application of structural design.

In this stud welding, the welding process is short time, high current and small penetration depth. Therefore, it can be welded to a very thin sheet.


3. Favourable economic performance.

Compare to other welding methods, the advantage of stud welding lies in welding power. For mass production, it can weld in a very short welding time.

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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