6KW Ultra High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine

Model :KX-5188A06

Rated Power output : 6KW

Net Weight :14KG

Gross Weight :22KG

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KEXIN 6KW Ultra High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine

What is 6KW Ultra High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine Advantages?

Ultra High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine uses power devices and unique frequency conversion technology to provide higher reliability and durability, high efficiency, energy saving, stability, and greater output power.

Ultra High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine has constant current and constant power control functions, which greatly optimizes the metal heating process, realizes efficient and fast heating, and maximizes the superiority of the product.

Ultra High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine under the same conditions has the effect of saving twice as much electricity as traditional high-frequency heating equipment for electronic tubes. It has the effect of “using small materials” to achieve twice the result with half the effort, and at the same time reduce the power load and increase the power capacity, for you cut costs.

Ultra High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine has a 100% full load design and can work continuously for 24 hours.

Ultra High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine has a three-stage function setting of heating-heating-cooling, which is beneficial to improve heating quality and heating cycle, and simplify manual operation.

Select the power supply according to the power and frequency. The higher the frequency, the shallower the heating depth, and the lower the frequency, the better the heat permeability.


Induction heating uses the induction current generated by the conductor under the action of a high-frequency magnetic field (eddy current loss, and the hysteresis loss of the magnetic field in the conductor to cause the conductor to heat itself for heating.

6KW Ultra High Frequency Induction Brazing Machine
Model KX-5188A06
Product Name Super High Frequency Induction Heater
Application Heating, Welding, Brazing, Soldering, Annealing
Rated Power output 6KW
Frequency Range 800KHz
Three Phase Input Single Phase 220V 50/60Hz 25A
Volume(mm³) 440mm x 380mm x 180mm 230mm x 100mm x 150mm
Net Weight 14KG
Gross Weight 22KG
Cooling Water Flow Hydraulic Pressure>0.2MPa Flow Rate:5-30 L/Min
Cooling Water Temperature ≤40℃

Composition of induction heating system The induction heating system is composed of a high-frequency power supply (a high-frequency generator), a wire, a transformer, and an inductor.

Heat Treatment (Welding, Brazing, Soldering)

Metal Industrial

  • Carbide saw and saw-tooth welding, carbide blade welding and big and small gears of hard alloy saw blade.
  • Communication equipment soldering, copper coaxial cable connector soldering, etc.
  • Welding tools, cutter, hardening for shoe mouth & blade.

Electronics Industry

Tin/silver/copper brazing/soldering for very small evenΦ0.1mm below wire and pieces of various electronic components.

Brazing Materials

Copper and brass brazing, tungsten steel and stainless steel brazing, iron and copper brazing, aluminum, copper brazing and other metal brazing.

Jewelry & watches welding /brazing/heating

Spectacle frames, welding and annealing of spare parts.
Welding of jewelry, watches and clocks.
Carbide saw blades are welded with large and small teeth.
Tool welding, paper cutter, shoe material knife edge quenching.

Wire material industry

Annealing of wire material and sheet band.

Welding of cutting tools as well as tempering for paper cutter and shoe knife blade.Band accessory soldering, golf head, pipe welding.

Toy Industry

Tempering for wind spring and thin metal sheet.

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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