KEXIN—Induction Heating & Induction Melting Crop.

Kexin Electronic Instrument Co., Ltd., located in Liushi, China’s low-voltage electrical appliances, adjacent to the scenic Yandang Mountain, is a tourist attraction. Besides, it’s a leisure summer resort with convenient transportation. The company specializes in the production of the KX-5188 series tooling repair machine, high-frequency induction heating equipment, automatic ultrasonic polishing machine, etc.

Stable and energetic work, the dedication of employees, the guarantee of product quality, and the flexibility of order execution enable KEXIN to establish a good reputation not only in the domestic market but also in the international market.

Kexin has strong technical force, advanced production equipment, testing means complete and high-quality products. Since the establishment of the company, Kexin constantly taps our potential through the leadership of the company and all staff efforts. In addition to the domestic market, there is an additional, but also exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and other countries.

Kexin spirit of “Hard to create, perfect emerge” business philosophy, to “Quality, Customer first, Reputation-based, Courteous service” for the purpose. Kexin provides “product free warranty for one year, service forever” as a commitment.

Kexin is confident, continuous progress, and strives to work in the high frequency induction heating equipment, medium frequency induction melting furnace design and manufacturing, sales and create new results.

With CE certificated and the record of exporting to many foreign countries, our machines have proved great quality. As the old saying goes: there is nothing best only better. Kexin promises that our company will be keeping improving the self-potential and making great progress constantly.

Through the great effort made by wise leaders and all hardworking staff members, Kexin has taken a leading position in the Chinese market. Besides, Our products have been exported around the world.

Kexin stands for

  • Innovative technology
  • Safe jobs
  • Value-oriented growth
  • Intent to realize a profit

Towards our employees

  • Fairness
  • Safe jobs
  • Room for advance

Towards our customers

  • Quality
  • Faithfulness to deadlines
  • Innovative technology
  • Close contact
  • Expert solutions
  • Qualified project management
  • Economic stability


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    What Kexin Provides

    KEXIN introduced a series of induction heating and metal melting equipment to the market. At present, the enterprise mass produces the following types of induction equipment: Induction heating, forging and melting units with capacities from 6KW, 18KW, 25KW, 35KW, 45KW, 60KW, 80KW, 120KW, 200KW, 260KW to 300KW.


    KEXIN has been designing and manufacturing induction heating machines for the precious metal industry, metallurgy industry, and industrial forging industry for more than a decade. Qualified and professional technicians will monitor and control all stages of the production cycle, from design to production, trial operation, and after-sales assistance.


    The product starts at the design stage. Our company invested heavily to create a multi-functional, efficient technical office dedicated to a mechanical, electronic, and chemical design by highly qualified technical personnel.

    Enterprise personnel has many years of experience in the field of induction heating so as to ensure the highest level of equipment quality and high level of after-sale service. Our experts constantly monitor market trends and always respond to customer needs and requirements. The complexity of technical equipment makes it possible to meet the various needs of customers, thereby creating high-quality equipment that will fully meet the specified performance and provide the required performance level.

    The characteristics of KEXIN are

    • Easy and convenient to operate
    • Competitive price and high productivity;
    • Energy saving and low maintenance cost
    • Confidential relationship with customers;
    • Minimum order performance;
    • High quality of production equipment;
    • Equipment according to customer orders;
    • Long-term service life of the equipment.
    • Professional and reliable after-sales service
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