This warranty is valid for products produced by the company KEXIN Electronic Instrument Co. Ltd (hereafter referred to as KEXIN).
This warranty is in addition to the customer´s statutory legal rights.


1. Warranty Period:

KEXIN guarantees that each new KEXIN product is the result of excellent materials and workmanship. The warranty is valid for a period of 1 years (12 months) from the product begin to work normally and we will provide the whole life technology support to you as free.


2.Warranty Range:

During the warranty period, all the products sold by KEXIN will be provide with spare parts for replacement as free. Our engineer will also offer technical support to help you make the aftersales through our remote control system.When the warranty time expires, we will provide the cost price of the spare parts for the whole machine lifetime.


3.Warranty policies

For the guaranteed products, we will provide a full range of solutions and the basic troubleshootings for the use of the products , production process and a variety of other using problems.

When product fails to work normally, our aftersales engineer will find out why the machine is disordered based on the videos that provide by you. Then we will send you the replacement by express service.

The repairing time for warranty period products depends on the extent of products’ damage. Generally you just need to exchange the broken parts with the replace one.


4.The warranty range doesn’t include the following:

1) The quick-wear parts are not covered in this warranty. It should be prepared by customers themselves.

2) Damage resulting from a force majeure or likewise.

3) Caused by false operation or inadequate repair.

4) Unsatisfied working condition.

5) Problems resulting from an accident, negligence, misuse, improper installation, vandalism or water penetration.

6) Malfunction/Aging.