Advantage of Using Induction Heating

Normally for the industrial usage, there are many kinds of different methods of heating, like convection heating, radiant heating, induction heating, open flame heating or other heating ways. So why choose induction heating over the other heating methods? Here is a short summary of the major advantages of induction heating, by learning these following characteristics for induction heating, you will get a brief acknowledge of what modern solid state induction heating offers for lean manufacturing:

Optimized Consistency

Compare to the traditional heating methods, such as open flame, torch heating and other methods, induction heating eliminates the inconsistencies and quality issues. For induction heating, the heating pattern is repeatable and consistent. With modern solid state systems, temperature can be precisely controlled and provides uniform results; power can be turned on or shut off instantly. Under the closed loop temperature control, advanced induction heating systems have the capability so that to measure the temperature of each individual part.

Maximized Productivity

As induction heating works very quickly, so the production rates can be completely maximized; heat is developed directly and instantly inside the work piece. Startup is virtually instantaneous; there is no warm up or cool down cycle is required. Besides, the induction heating process can be fully completed directly on the manufacturing floor, which just next to the cold or hot forming machine. In this way, you are not wasting any time to carry batches of parts to a remote furnace area or a subcontractor. For example, in the previous time, a brazing or soldering process usually required a time-consuming, off-line batch heating approach, now instead of this miscellaneous traditional method, with induction heating, it can be replaced with a continuously one-piece flow manufacturing system.

Advantage of Using Induction Heating

Improved Product Quality

With induction, the work piece which needs to be heated will never come into any direct contact with a flame or other heating element. That is because that the heat is directly induced within the work piece itself by alternating electrical current. As a result, it can minimize product warpage, distortion and reject rates. In order to get the most maximum product quality, you can also put the part into an enclosed chamber, which is filled up with a vacuum, inert or reducing atmosphere, by this way, the part is isolated and it can eliminate the effects of oxidation from outside.

Extended Product Life

For the very small areas of your work piece, by induction heating, it can rapidly deliver the site-specific heat to it, without heating any other surrounding parts. So it is accurate and specific. This extends the life of the products and mechanical setup.

By learning those above features of induction heating, why not find out if a customized induction heating solution will be suitable for you or not? For more information, visit our website or send us an e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!