What Gains from using Induction Heating machine?

Simply stated, at present time, induction heating is the most clean, efficient, cost-effective, precise, and repeatable method of material heating available to the industry.

Precisely designed induction coils teamed up with a powerful and flexible induction power supply produce repeatable heating outcomes specific to the desired application. Induction power supplies designed to accurately quantify material heating and respond to a material’s property changes during the heating cycle make achieving diverse heating profiles from a single heating application a reality.

The purpose of induction heating may be to harden a part to prevent wear; make the metal plastic for forging or hot-forming into a desired shape; braze or solder two parts together; melt and mix the ingredients which go into the high-temperature alloys, or for any number of other applications. So what other benefits that can we gain from using induction heating machine?

Fast Cycle Times – With induction heating technology, heat is produced instantly and directly within the part being heated.  Thus heat can be supplied as quickly as a material will permit it, eliminating typical soak times associated with radiation or convection heat technologies.
Accurate Heat Zones – Through the development of an induction coil combined with the specification of the proper power and frequency, it can isolate or pinpoint a heat-zone, small or large without affecting surrounding areas.  The result is minimal distortion in part being heated, yielding higher quality production. Additional infrared temperature control devices can also be added for further control of a process.

Consistent and Repeatable
 – Due to the development of Solid-State power supplies, the heating pattern produced by a given induction coil will be consistent from day to day, month to month.  Since the induction coil is not in any contact with the part being heated and the part is being presented to the coil in a consistent fashion, the process will remain repeatable, unlike traditional flame heating or resistance heating, which have constantly changing characteristics.
Space Requirements and Efficiency – Due to the smaller space requirements for induction heating over many traditional heating methods, this technology lends itself to bench-top/work cell environments and in-line semi or fully automated processes.  In addition Induction Heating technology is energy efficient, power consumption to create the output power is minimal and in idle or stand-by conditions power consumption is greatly reduced since the power is only on when the system is being utilized for the intended process.
Environmentally Friendly – Induction heating is an extremely clean heat.  It does not produce harmful emissions or loud noise.  It does not heat the environment or area outside the work coil, since the heat is only generated in the work piece being heated.  Thus induction heating assists in creating more favorable working conditions.

KEXIN’s induction melting furnace has higher thermal efficiency and lower energy consumption. They can produce a mild metal bath mixture, mixing a uniform alloy at a constant and uniform temperature. For these reasons, this type of furnace is the first choice for induction melting. Kexin products can flexibly meet all customer requirements.