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KEXIN Graphite Crucible

What is Graphite Crucible Advantages?

 -Thermal stability well: according to the using conditions of gold melting crucible snap heat and cold.

– Well corrosion resistance and impact resistance performance, so to ensure the reliability of product quality.

– Excellent resistance to strong acid and strong alkali.

– A certain strain resistance to thermal shock and quenching.

– Graphite crucible has a long service life.

Graphite Crucible
Name    Φ1    Φ2     Φ3        H
1KG    58   46.5     35      88
2KG    68     57     43     108
2.5KG    68    58   43.5     120
3KG    72    66     51    110
3.5KG    81    75     60    104
4KG    85    77     60    130
5KG   100    88     69    132
5.5KG   104    92     69    155
6KG A   112   96.5     78    178
6KG B/C    112    100     79     178


Quartz Crucible
Name Φ1  Φ2 Φ3 H
1KG 69 57 49 87
2KG 84 70 60 112
2.5KG 79 69 59 127.5
3KG 90 77 68 111
3.5KG 97 89 78 103
4KG 100 89 78 135
5KG 118 100 89 135
5.5KG 119 109 94 154
6KG A 125.6 112 100 175
6KG B 127 116 103 178
6KG C 128 117 107 180


The gold melting crucible is mainly made of crystalline natural graphite. Graphite crucible has good thermal conductivity and high-temperature resistance. During high-temperature use, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, and it has a certain strain resistance to rapid heat and rapid cooling. Besides, it has strong corrosion resistance to acid and alkaline solution and has excellent chemical stability. Because of its excellent performance, graphite crucible is widely used in the metallurgy, foundry, machinery, chemical and other industrial sectors for the smelting of alloy tool steel and the smelting of non-ferrous metals and their alloys.

Thermal Stability

According to the quench acute thermal using conditions of graphite crucible. We will specially design the production procedure, so as to ensure the reliability of product quality.


Corrosion Resistance

Even and fine basic design will delay the erosion of gold melting crucible.


Impact Resistance

Graphite crucible can bear high thermal impact, so can carry out all process.


Acid Resistance

The adding of special materials will greatly improve the quality of silver melting crucible. Especially its index of acid resistance. And will prolong the service life of graphite crucible.


High Heat Conduction

The high content of fixed carbon ensures good heat conduction. It also shortens the time of dissolution. Furthermore, it remarkably reduces energy consumption.


Control of Metal Pollution

The component of the material is under strict control. It ensures that graphite crucible will not pollute the metals when dissolving.


Quality Stability

The process technology is forming under high pressure and quality guarantee system, it will fully ensure the stability of quality.


Using in high-temperature process, the thermal expansion coefficient is small. Also, it has resistance strain performance to hot and cold. Strong corrosion resistance to the acid and alkali solution.

Characteristic  of  Graphite Crucible

Graphite crucible is a container applied to hold metal for smelting in a furnace. What’s more,  it can withstand the extreme temperatures encountered in smelting metals. Hence the crucible material must have a much higher melting point than the melted metal and also it must have good strength even when white hot.

Furthermore, graphite crucible can withstand the high temperature and has good resistance to chemical erosions and thermal shock.

It is commonly used for precious metal such as gold melting, silver melting, platinum melting, etc. In addition, graphite crucible is also ideal for the melting of aluminum, copper, stainless steel and etc.

Graphite crucible should be stored in a dry place and do not get it wet. After drying the crucible, don’t make it touch with water. Also be careful not to give a mechanical impact force, not from a fall or impact.

What are graphite crucibles used for?

Crucibles with high graphite content in the carbon binder offer high thermal conductivity for fast melting in gas-fired furnaces. In some applications, such as refining precious metals, crucibles designed to heat in the furnace’s inductive fields are used to melt the charge.

What is the best material for a crucible?

The crucible materials should also have good strength even when extremely hot. Furnace crucibles come in a variety of metal constructions, such as clay-graphite,silicon-carbide, and more. These materials can resist extreme temperatures in typical foundry operations.

How hot can a graphite crucible get?

Graphite Crucible Temperature Range can go as high as 5000°F and can be used in furnaces and high heat processes.

As we all know, Graphite crucibles are mainly used to smelt steel, iron and other non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, zinc and lead and their alloys. Besides, it is available in a variety of sizes ranging from 250g to 500kg.


It is used to refine high-purity metals, as well as to be used to melt small amounts of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and high purity metals or high melting point metals and oxides.

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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