Small Capacity Induction Metal Melting Furnace


Rated Power Output:15KW

Frequency Range:30-100KHz

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KEXIN Induction Metal Melting Furnace

What is 25KW Gold Melting Induction Furnace Advantages?

– Induction metal melting furnace is small size, lightweight, which is very easy and convenient for installation and operation.

– It is competent for 24 hours and 7 days of continuous melting.

– Metal melting induction furnace has excellent protection, with over-voltage, over-current, overheating and lack of water function.

– Induction melting furnace has a good heating permeability and uniform heating temperature.

– Deploys with induction melting, this induction metal melting furnace can be energy-saving, so for a long time melting, it will greatly cut the electricity expenses.

– Medium frequency magnetic field has a stirring effect for the molten metals, which is conducive to uniform the scum.

– The induction melting furnace is using mini type medium frequency induction heating power and it’s easy to replace various types of the furnace with different weight, different material so that adapt to a variety of melting requirements.


Description of This Induction Metal Melting Furnace

Firstly of all, induction melting furnace will only work with conductive materials, generally metals. By heating a conductive metal which produces and transfers heat to the non-conductive material, in this way, other non-conductive materials, such as plastics can also be heated indirectly.

With this process, induction metal melting furnace is available for smelting metal, non-metal products, and some semi-conducting materials, etc. Suppliers from the metallurgical industry and the jewelry industry are commonly using induction metal melting furnace for melting purposes. Compare to the most common and traditional melting furnace, induction melting furnace is low power consumption, environmentally safe and friendly, fast start-up and high effectiveness.

1-3KG Gold Silver Platinum Induction Melting Furnace
Model KX-5188A15M
Rated Power 15KW
Frequency Range 30-100KHz
Input Current Single Phase 220V/2-32A
Volume (mm³) 450*420*480
Net Weight 38KG
Gross Weight 50KG
Application Capable for melting 1-3KG gold, silver, platinum, etc

Induction Metal Melting Furnace

You can check the following description for the working principle of induction metal melting furnace works.

Generally by heating the metal inside a crucible which is made from a non-conductive refractory material, then the metal inside crucible will be melted down into liquid form. This is how the induction metal melting furnace works.

It is commonly and widely applied in producing high-quality steels or non-ferrous alloys for casting operations through the process of induction melting furnace. After that, the liquefied metal is poured into a cavity having the desired shape. The metal solidifies with a minimum of shrinkage, after which the mold is removed to reveal a finished, machinable product.

Main introduction

1. Induction metal melting furnace is a kind of metallurgical industry, which is capable of melting a number of different metals, such as gold, platinum, silver, iron, copper, stainless steel and etc.


2. It is available for graphite crucible or ceramic crucible. Different sizes or specifications for different crucible or tank can be customized accordingly. With this merit, the induction furnace is easy to use and operate.


3. It has a fast and efficient melting speed. For example, the induction furnace is capable of melting 2KG gold within 1-5 minutes and melting 1KG platinum within 1-2 minutes.


4. Deploying with electromagnetic induction heating system, induction metal melting furnace is available for adjusting the heating power and it also has electromagnetic automatically mixing function, without stirring by the stirring rod to ensure the uniform melting color.


6. It’s optional to choose to configure the temperature controller, which will display and control the metal temperature so that to make the smelting product with higher quality. By using a thermocouple temperature sensor or infrared temperature sensor to measure the temperature, it is mainly used to detect the bottom temperature of the graphite crucible; the temperature range is 400-1200 degrees Celsius.


The temperature controller is used to display and control the metal temperature and it can automatically stop heating or keep warming when reaches the target record.

Induction Metal  Furnace Melting

For the induction melting furnace, it is able to melt non-ferrous and ferrous metals.

This induction furnace is also widely used for melting semi-conductor material through heating up the graphite crucible.

Smelting crucibles like graphite crucible, quartz crucible or ceramic crucible are generally, working together with the induction melting furnace, so it is the most selected machine which is applied in melting precious metal, such as melting platinum, gold, silver, etc.

In the metallurgical industry, it’s a good choice to deploy induction melting furnace to smelt some high quality and expensive material like specialized steel, iron and copper or metal alloy such as aluminum alloy, zinc alloy and copper alloy, etc.

What is induction heating?

Induction heating is heating of a material by an electric current. Also, it is a rapid heating method without physical contact with metal.

What types of metals can induction furnaces melt?

Induction furnaces can melt nearly every type of metal and material, including steel, iron, aluminum, copper, zinc, silicon, gold, silver and gold and silver & gold precipitate (concentrate).

Do you install the equipment?

We send our engineer to the manufacturing plant for installation assistance. Furthermore, we provide detailed civil, mechanical and electrical engineering drawings. Beyond this, we provide ongoing 365/24/7 service and maintenance.

What kind of technology do your systems use?

All our equipment use the latest IGBT technology for peak performance and simplicity of operation.

What do I do if there’s a problem with my induction furnace?

We can resolve most issues through online support, but we also have service technicians ready to provide troubleshooting and maintenance service at your facility 365/24/7.

Is melting or smelting process faster in induction compare to a conventional furnace?

Melting or smelting process is faster in an induction furnace compare to a conventional furnace. What’s more, electro heat Induction is your go-to source for induction heating and melting solutions. We know that your success is our success.

May I use one set of melting furnace to melt various metals( ferrous and non-ferrous)?

Normally, the construction of ferrous melting furnace is different from the one of the non-ferrous melting furnace. You will get the different specifically designed coils and crucibles for different metals to let the furnace to reach the best efficiency. For the details, you can check with our sales engineer to get the right program.

Packing Details

Export standard packing, inner carton outer wooden box and double protection



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